If You’re in the Throes of Unforgiveness, You’re F***ed

If your insides are corroding from unforgiveness, you know it.

You feel the physical symptoms like a disease.

Because you are torturing yourself living in a sewer of resentment.

You may want revenge against that guy who cheated on you. You feel so stupid. …

What If It’s Cancer?

With his almost bald and new clean-cut good looks, David (*not his real name) returned to work after his rigorous round of chemo and radiation.

Wearing a fitted Italian shirt gifted by one of our clients, oddly, his post-cancer appearance implied excellent workout and diet results.

I remember thinking, “Wow…

Your attachment to your expectations is what’s keeping you stuck

You lived through the devastation of loving a narcissist.

Now you’re out. It’s like standing in front of your recently incinerated home. Except, it’s your life.

You have to start over from nothing.

You will never live your best life if you skip the forgiveness necessary to release your ex-narc…

I Don’t Care How Important You Think You Are

Warning: Pseudo Rant to Follow!

I am finished with hearing loud personal conversations in the produce department at Whole Foods!

If it’s personal, I don’t want to hear it. It’s your intimate business.

If you are practicing being miserable, that’s why you’re so good at it!

If you’re conversation includes…

2020 is gone, but its residue is all over us

While we are all drenched in the negative year called 2020, which is bleeding into 2021, it’s possible to extract some profound realizations from this awful collective experience.

Here’s to your personal enlightenment and upgraded habits, the gifts of Covidopia:

1. Knowing the Intrinsic Value of Your Time

The way you spend your time came into sharp focus…

But that’s why I’m SO tired! I AM doing my best!

Have you ever felt that way? You are doing your best, but so exhausted you can’t possibly do well?

Do you find yourself reading one self-improvement article after the other, all saying just keep working as hard as you possibly can?

Because Elon Musk works 120 hours per week, you…

If You are Applying it to Your Goals, Reconsider

You’ve done it before. We all have.

You’ve said you were going to try to start working out.

Try to lose weight.

Try to get somewhere.

But you didn’t create the fitness habit, except for that first week. You didn’t lose weight, except for the temporary 5 lbs.

Why? Because…

I made an assumption in 2018 that almost killed me

I had just closed a real estate deal representing a soon-to-be separated couple, so the wife could have her own home. They depicted their split as amicable.

After the post-close complications of the deal, the husband asked me to coffee. This isn’t unusual after closing a deal. …

50 Billion Cups Consumed Annually

Coffee tastes like dirt, a familiar taste if you were born last century, because you went “out to play.” If you were born this century, I’m sorry, no one can help you. Go outside and eat dirt.

So, I like my coffee organic, because I’m not warm to the idea…

ZZ Griffith

Recovering Army brat. I write about health and wellness, narcissistic abuse, forgiveness, and being your best self.

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